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Teo Ormond-Skeaping – Future Scenarios

It was a pleasure to work with Marcin. We contacted him a short notice with a deadline looming and he responded instantly to all our questions and we had set a time for recording by the end of the morning.

Marcin’s voice is incredibly rich and gravely which is why we approached him (perfect for our CG animated character), but his professionalism and kindness is why we want to work with him again! I recommend him to anyone working in Polish or English looking for a voice with a strong narrative presence. Thank you Marcin!

Mars Lipowski

Mars Lipowski, multi award-nominated, bilingual voice actor, is like a high-street Polish delicatessen. The world-renowned, traditional cold cuts, heart-warming, home-made preserves and 70% Passover Slivovitz… lined with a loving heart, strong work ethic and resilience.

Mars grew up behind the Iron Curtain, around cinemas and theatre shows in a filmmaker family. This love for different areas of art spread across many planes of his life. He is a trained actor,  BA of Fine Arts… and a full-contact karate instructor. Now, just quickly add audio designing skills, broadcast media background, a total love for voice acting and you get a guy, who can fist his way through a brick wall, while calmly reciting haiku with a smooth, mesmerising voice.

Resilience, strength, skills, passion, love for art and… a whole lot of voices renting rooms in his throat.

Mars uses all of those virtues and skills to turn copies into ice-breaking, eye-watering , encouraging, illuminating, heart-melting stories. Check how this Polish voice actor, turned this commercial, made for Philips Saeco Xelsis’ campaign, into a really tasty message.

Connect with Mars Lipowski Studio via Source Connect, Zoom or perhaps Skype and let your project come to life.

See what Mars’ clients say about working with him > here

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Voice Agent, Susie Valerio:

TVC - Saeco Xelsis Suprema Campaign - Polish

Commercial - Saeco Xelsis Campaign - Polish

Mars Lipowski - Irgyll, 1 of 3 character voices in Erune by Arkada Studio - English

Mars Lipowski - 2 character voices in Thief's Shelter - English

Mars Lipowski narrates the episode 10 on Cryo Pod Tapes Podcast

Mars Lipowski - Daikin VRV5 presentation - Polish

Mars Lipowski on Instagram

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