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Mars Lipowski

Mars Lipowski, award nominated, bilingual voiceover artist, is like a high-street Polish delicatessen. You know – the world-renowned, traditional cold cuts, heart-warming, home-made preserves and 70% Passover Slivovitz… lined with loving hearts, strong work ethic and resilience, matured during long years of turbulent history of the Poles.

Mars is exactly that. A child of the Iron Curtain, brought up around cinemas and theatre shows, BA of Fine Arts, a full contact karate instructor and fulfilled, loving, I-can-run-three-day-of-a-bow-of-soup father and husband. Now, just quickly add acting, audio designing skills, broadcast media background and you get a voiceover guy, who can fist his way through a brick wall, while calmly reciting haiku.

Resilience, strength, skills, passion, love and… a couple of voices renting rooms in his throat.

Mars uses all of it to turn copies into an ice breaking, heart melting, tears squeezing, encouraging or illuminating, living story.

From his vocal booth he connects with clients via Source Connect, Zoom, Skype, so…

… Got script? Ok, let’s do this!

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