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To give you an accurate quote for work, I’d like to ask you to be as specific as possible.

Please include the following details (plus anything else you think you should inform me of):

  • The production type (TV, radio, internet, corporate narration, IVR (telephony), eLearning etc.),
  • Private or public use (eg. local only, regional, nationwide, global),
  • Length of the script,
  • The end client and how large that company is (startup business (i.e. one office), multi-office business or an international brand),
  • The length of license – how long you intend for this to be used for broadcast or paid-placement (eg. 6 months, 12 months, in perpetuity),
  • Audio quality requirements (44.1/16 or 48/24 or different),
  • Special requirements, i.e. live recording session (Source Connect, Zoom etc.), or if you need me to post-edit the audio.

£ (GBP)

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